Lake Resources Inc.

Employee Benefits/Medicare Solutions


Lake Resources Inc. is a full service employee benefits broker and consulting firm. We provide a single source for your benefit plan solutions. We proactively engage insurance carriers and service providers to create the most efficient program tailored specifically to meet your needs. Then we help you implement and administer it.

Most employee benefits brokers jump from one transaction to the next for the most part, acting only as a go-between taking quotes handed down from the insurance company. 

What We Offer

  • A comprehensive audit of your entire Benefits Program through our Employee Benefit Program Assessment
  • A full suite of health, dental, life and disability insurance solutions
  • Benefit Plan Administration Solutions
  • Self-insurance and alternative financing analysis
  • Professional Employment Organizations (PEO's)
  • Consumer Directed Health Care with HSA and HRA plans
  • FSA's
  • Employee Wellness Plans
  • Employee Advocacy Solutions

With more than 65 years of experience in the insurance industry, Lake Resources Inc. takes the time to understand your company, your employees and your employee benefits programs. We believe collaboration is key to developing innovative and effective benefit strategies that meet your objectives, while managing costs over the long term.